Why Is Music Education Important?

Nowadays, life has become all about earning money, meeting targets and chasing dreams. Our society, mindsets and even education system is tweaked accordingly to ensure that we are intellectually and technically equipped to cater to the current job profiles, earn money and recognition. Living is becoming more monotonous, mechanical and revolves around making money. Mankind should realize the true meaning of life and rewrite these norms we have set for ourselves.


The initial seed for this change should begin in our education system. Educational institutions should include more extracurricular activities, emphasize the importance of these for the 360 degree development of children and educate parents accordingly. Nothing is more enlightening and empowering than music. It not only makes kids enjoy few hours but it actually has intellectual influence on the minds of learners. Why is music education important? is a question that everyone should deeply understand to take better steps in life. It does not limit to schools, colleges and age of the learner but all of us should make an attempt to learn some form or instrument in music to bring meaning.


  • It is scientifically proven that learning music keeps brain cells active. Learners feel relaxed and happy as serotonin hormone which is otherwise known as happy hormone secretion increases when people directly involve in learning music. Learning music delays aging, increases lifespan and improves span of attention while completing other jobs or learn other skills. Irrespective of the age, learning music gives children or adults a sense of achievement and security.
  • Music education as part of our school curriculum or during leisure hours helps learners feel rejuvenated and not bombarded with studies and responsibilities all the time. It helps them to see life at a broader perspective and not always restrict themselves to core subjects such as geography, science or mathematics.
  • It helps children to get exposed to the building blocks to the greater success in the future. There are world renowned artists in the music world who not only mesmerize audience with their work of art but also earn big bucks.
  • It makes kids to stay engaged and not feel bored with regular subjects, tests and grades. There are schools who focus one hundred percent on grades only and ignore the basic need of children to feel engaged and grow. At the end of the day, many of them develop aversion towards school system and life in general.

Hence it is crucial for education institutions to include music classes in their curriculum at frequent intervals. The broader the range in music learning the better the overall development of students such as singing, playing wide range of instruments and dancing. One should not feel dismayed if music is or was not part of their school curriculum, as there are many standalone and dedicated music schools which offer paid classes for all ages. Age is just a number when it comes to music education as anyone and everyone can pickup learning to sing or play music instruments as long as they have the zeal and determination to learn.