The Importance of Music In A Human Life

It would not be exaggerating to say that since ages humans and music have an inseparable connection. As a matter of fact music existed well before the human existence. There is sound and rhythm in everything around pagal world. The wind, chirping birds, flowing water, animals and everything else in God’s creation has its own sound and when they all come in harmony and rhythm create music. Humans brought a lot of change to how symphony and awe is created by combining sounds from different instruments at various decibels.

During the stone age, they used stones, wood, animal parts including skins to make various instruments and tunes. Slowly more sophisticated instruments are made and different genres have come into life to please different audience. It is a lifetime learning for many as they dedicate their lives, fall in love with music and mark their names in this realm. Music differs based on geographical locations as instruments are used are different and pulse of the audience also change. In the current generation there are various gadgets, tools, instruments and computer applications played in combination to create melodies. Advanced instruments are used along with computer applications to give birth to different genres.

Uses of music in human life:

  • Music proves to reduce healing time in medicine. Doctors advice few hours of listening to preferred music as it calms down patients and enables good health.
  • Studies have shown that learning while listening to favorite hindi dubbed movies enables effective learning and better retaining of knowledge.
  • Music reduces stress, relaxes brain cells and even releases serotonin that makes people feel happy and rejuvenated.
  • Music while working results in increasing levels of concentration, employees talk less and in turn increase production.
  • Pregnant women are suggested to listen to music for improved fetus development and give birth to happy babies. It is also proved that fetusin mother’s womb enjoys music and even reciprocate to the same.
  • Patients right before going into operation theatres and students going to give exams are suggested to listen to calming music to stabilize anxiety levels and face situation at hand with confidence.
  • Music is said to make people look young and delay aging signs for long as it supposedly keep brain cells healthy and even give life to dead cells as well.

Since ages music has been playing a crucial role in human life. There is music for happiness, sadness, festivals, dates, dinners, marriages and so on. There are tunes to fall asleep and wake people as well. It is all about combining tunes at different tempos to create music. People resort to music when they are facing emotional turmoil and more importantly identify themselves with the lyrics. Some of them get lost in the tunes and listen to loud music to distract themselves from sadness. Be it happiness or sadness or any other feeling, music has become one of the best companion to feel alive at any point of their lives.